Each one of our rings are crafted to be timeless and to last a lifetime. From delicate diamond stacking rings to bold cocktail styles and custom engagement rings, we create pieces for all of life's moments. Each piece combines quality materials with incredible craftsmanship, and we work to create truly unique rings for every budget and occasion.

Our process starts with wax. Page carves the wax with rough files and uses her intuition to create the perfect rough form around the stones. Often, the stones are melted into the wax during the creative process so that each stone has its unique space in the ring's surface. Once the wax is carved into the size and shape desired, Page either smooths out the finish slightly with heat or leaves the rough carved texture.

Then, any stones are removed from the wax and set aside while the ring is cast through a lost wax process in recycled 18k gold. This ensures that each ring is completely unique and is crafted for the particular stones chosen. Once the ring has been cast in gold, our artisans work to set each stone back in its position in the metal. The ring is then given a final cleaning and finishing before it goes into our case.

Page creates her collection of rings inspired by the materials and precious stones she works with. Each piece has an intuitive wabi-sabi element and often feels like treasure to be discovered, with bold textured gold and colorful precious gemstones.

Thank you for choosing to explore our Rings collection. We offer a wide range of styles to suit any occasion, and we'd love to help you find the perfect ring to add to your collection. Visit our Brooklyn store to see our full collection in person, or browse online now to find the perfect piece.

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