Our bracelets are always made from solid gold or silver, and none of our pieces are ever plated. Working with precious metals and gemstones means our bracelets are perfect to put on and leave on. Bracelets tend to take a lot of wear and so we always make our bracelets with the best materials available.

Our button cuff bracelet style takes a sturdy gold wire bracelet and adds a splash of fun with a colorful sapphire or carved gold button closure. This added security means you never have to worry about your bracelet falling off. This style can also be made specifically to fit your wrist. It’s a perfect customizable piece for someone with a small wrist or who doesn’t want to struggle getting a bangle over their hand. 

We also carry a selection of traditional cuff bracelets, bangles, and chain bracelets that can all be ordered in custom sizes. Bracelets make a beautiful gift or addition to your jewelry collection.

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