Our necklaces are always made from solid gold or silver, and none of our pieces are ever plated. Working with precious metals and gemstones means our necklaces are perfect to put on and leave on. 

Our classic slider necklaces are carved with a hole in the pendant so that they can slide seamlessly on the chain. Because of this innovative design, the pieces don’t need a bail and will never fall off the chain. We make this style in a variety of styles and colors and it’s absolutely one of our favorite handmade necklace styles. Whether it’s with a sapphire, emerald, ruby, or diamond pendant, slider necklaces are perfect for layering and wearing every day.

Our other favorite necklace styles have pendants fixed on our favorite staple chain. This fine paper clip style chain is trendy yet classic, and stationed pendants means you never have to worry about the clasp coming to the front of your necklace. These necklaces come with three sapphires, five sapphires, or six sapphires in your choice of color and setting style.

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