Our jewelry is made from solid gold and perfect to wear every day. We make a variety of pieces that fit together perfectly and we love to mix and match with our jewelry. Our stacking bands fit perfectly with our diamond solitaire stacking rings, but we also love seeing how our customers decide to combine more unique pairings. Page herself wears one of our three sapphire rings stacked with a five sapphire band on her ring finger, along with our large gold signet ring on her pinky. Sometimes an unexpected combination creates a look that’s uniquely your own. 

Our 18k gold necklaces are also perfect to layer together and wear every day. The look of stacked gold chains and pendants is a trend right now, but it’s also something that you can switch up over time to suit your style and remain timeless over the years. These classic pieces along with our 18k gold earrings and bracelets can be mixed and matched to create a unique and timeless look. 

We make all of our 18k gold pieces by hand at our Brooklyn jewelry studio, giving attention to each piece and working with the natural beauty of the stones and materials we work with. Creating quality, timeless pieces is our top priority, and if you stop by our studio you can even pick out the particular stones you’d love to have in your piece

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