Our studio is located in the back of our Brooklyn Retail location at 347 Atlantic Avenue. Here, Page and our close knit team do all of our designing, wax carving, and finishing. If you're walking by on Hoyt st, you can peek in and see us working in the studio!



  Our casting and stone setting is also all done in New York, and we use recycled metals in for all of our casting. Having almost all of our pieces made start to finish here in New York helps reduce our carbon footprint and keeps our practices sustainable. 



  We love using antique and repurposed diamonds whenever possible for our engagement rings. If you have a family stone, we'd love to help you re-set it in one of our designs! We can also source more traditional diamonds on request, and are happy to provide GIA certificates for any diamond purchased through us to be used in a custom ring. 


  We have long standing relationships with a number of sapphire vendors whom we trust to uphold the highest standards of quality and sustainability. We use natural and heat-treated sapphires exclusively, not using stones that have been additionally treated in any other way. We love the colorful variety and durability that sapphire provides as the second strongest precious stone. Sapphires are a great option for engagement rings as well, and we are always happy to produce a custom stone lineup for bands or other custom projects.